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itnasypliorre asked: Do you ever wonder when you'll meet the next stranger who will effortlessly become a dear friend? Did you notice how today you could share a laugh with a person the first time and then three years from now have had slipped deeply into love with them?


yes, oh yes. Memories and past times play in my head like a dream box and it’s so strange to see how one moment you can feel miserable and then in the future look back on that moment and feel grateful and want to go back to it. To see how people grow like flowers, to see yourself in someone else. To meet someone and feel like you’ve already known them or met them before. It’s all so mystical and magical the way things work, the way people come in and out of our lives for specific reasons not always known to us. So beautiful. Unexplainable.

Robert Plant photographed by Neal Preston, 1975.

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Haha same?